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13_02/2012Cover Picture: Live-Cell dSTORM of Cellular DNA Based on Direct DNA Labeling (ChemBioChem 2/2012)

The cover picture shows images of the nucleus in a living U2OS cell. The right-hand image shows continuous fibers of DNA labeled with Picogreen and was acquired using direct stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (dSTORM). For comparison, the diffraction-limited wide-field image is shown on the left-hand side. Picogreen is a commercially available, DNA-specific fluorophore that is suitable for single-molecule observations. On p. 298 ff., A. Benke and S. Manley describe the use of live-cell dSTORM imaging to visualize nuclear and mitochondrial Picogreen-labeled DNA at super-resolution. As well as chromatin fibers, mitochondrial nucleolids could be imaged at a resolution of 70 nm. They also demonstrate time-lapse dSTORM imaging which will allow the dynamics of chromatin organization to be investigated at an unprecedented level.

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