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13_10/2012Cover Picture: Achieving Regio- and Enantioselectivity of P450-Catalyzed Oxidative CH Activation of Small Functionalized Molecules by Structure-Guided Directed Evolution (ChemBioChem 10/2012)

The cover picture shows that regio- and enantioselective oxidative CH-activation of a simple compound such as cyclohex-1-ene carboxylic acid methyl ester becomes possible by directed evolution of the monooxygenase P450-BM3. On p. 1465 ff., M. T. Reetz et al. describe how, by using structure-guided iterative saturation mutagenesis at the enzyme's binding pocket, R- and S-selective mutants were evolved with formation of the respective chiral alcohols, thereby setting the stage for subsequent stereoselective transformations employing synthetic regents and catalysts. Related substrates react similarly with the same mutants.

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