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13_18/2012Cover Picture: The Discovery of New Cyanobactins from Cyanothece PCC 7425 Defines a New Signature for Processing of Patellamides (ChemBioChem 18/2012)

The cover picture shows the biosynthesis of patellamides (right, yellow) as an example for post-translationally modified ribosomal peptides. The sequence of the product is encoded on a precursor peptide and is flanked with signals for a protease and a macrocyclase. Identification of the signature signal for the protease was challenging in the Cyanothece PCC 7425 which produces novel cyanobactins only under stressful culture conditions. Unraveling the crystal structure of the patellamide protease PatA (left, yellow) followed by modeling for its homologue from Cyanothece (left, purple) coupled with the HRMS analysis of the products (right, purple) allowed the identification of the biosynthetic origin of these compounds. For more details see the paper by M. Jaspars, J. H. Naismith et al. on p. 2683 ff.

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