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Editor: Greta Heydenrych; Editorial Board Chairs: Christian Amatore, Michael Grätzel, Michel Orrit

Online ISSN: 1439-7641

Associated Title(s): Advanced Materials, ChemBioChem, ChemCatChem, ChemElectroChem, ChemSusChem, Small

Cover Picture: ChemPhysChem 5/2002

05/2002The cover picture shows an acridine derivative (ACMA) intercalated at an abasic site between nucleobases in B-DNA. Unlike the Stokes shift on the nanosecond time scale reported for this chromophore in polar solvents, dynamic solvation of 1(ACMA)* in DNA occurs within 200 fs. The absence of slow relaxation components has been shown to be important for the mechanism of the photoinduced oxidation of distant guanine molecules. Besides this mechanistic issue, excited-state dynamics of chromophores bound to DNA are most relevant for their application in sequencing and genomic chip technologies.

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