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Cover Picture: Molecular Spin Clusters: New Synthetic Approaches and Neutron Scattering Studies (ChemPhysChem 9/2003)

4_09/2003The cover picture shows the principles of inelastic neutron scattering (INS) in magnetic molecular clusters. An incoming monochromatic neutron beam is scattered by a target sample (here a tetranuclear nickel(ii) complex) both elastically (no energy transfer) and inelastically (positive or negative energy transfer). Scattered neutrons of varying velocity are then collected in detector banks that span a wide angular range. The interactions between the magnetic moments of the sample and the neutrons that occur during INS allow the investigation of the magnetic properties of the material and the accurate determination of the relevant parameters, including those associated with exchange interactions and magnetoanisotropy. This is nicely illustrated by the inelastic peaks, observed on both sides of the elastic line, which correspond to magnetic energy transfer between the neutrons and the sample. INS is a unique technique that affords a detailed insight into the magnetic levels over a large energy range (up to 1000 cm−1) and thus can provide crucial information for a wide variety of magnetic materials. For more information, see the review by Güdel and co-workers on pages 910–926.

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