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10_17/2009Cover Picture: A New Class of Boron Nanotube (ChemPhysChem 17/2009)

The cover picture illustrates a new class of boron nanotube based on density functional theory calculations. The image in the center shows the structure and the charge density of the new class of boron sheet from which stable nanotubes with various diameters and chiral vectors can be rolled. Clockwise from the top right corner, four typical boron nanotubes along with their charge densities and the partial density of state for the center boron sheet are shown. The two cartoon characters on the left side represent electrons. The nanotube at the bottom left corner behaves like a semiconductor and its structure looks like the concatenation of the cagelike B32. The other boron nanotubes are metallic. On p. 3119, Y. Liu et al. discuss the configurations, stability and electronic structures of this new class of boron sheet and the related boron nanotubes. It indicates the possibility, in the design of nanodevices, to control the electronic transport properties of boron nanotubes through their diameters.

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