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11_03/2010Cover Picture: Electrochemical Machining of Gold Microstructures in LiCl/Dimethyl Sulfoxide (ChemPhysChem 3/2010)

The application of short voltage pulses between a tool electrode and a workpiece electrode in electrolyte solution allows localization of electrochemical reactions to the vicinity of the tool with unprecedented precision. This can be used for three- dimensional microstructuring of electrochemically active materials. The cover picture shows SEM images of structures machined into a gold sheet with a sub-micron sized carbon-fiber tool. Upon application of a pulse train of 20 ns, 4 V pulses the carbon tip is fed into the Au sheet like the tool in a milling machine. The experimental setup is sketched on the right-hand side of the cover. As discussed by R. Schuster et al. on p. 616, the machining precision is determined by the time constant of double layer charging and varies linearly with the pulse length (lower panel). Non-aqueous electrolytes like LiCl in dimethyl sulfoxide are shown to be particularly useful for achieving high machining precision, because of their low specific electrolyte conductivity compared to typical aqueous electrolytes.

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