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11_07/2010Cover Picture: Entropy Effects in Atom Distribution and Electrochemical Properties of AuxPt1−x/Pt(111) Surface Alloys / Substrate Registry in Disordered Layers of Large Molecules / Tuning Adsorption via Strain and Vertical Ligand Effects (ChemPhysChem 7/2010)

The cover picture reflects the interdisciplinarity of modern interface research, with special focus on the close cooperation of theory and experiment in the fields of surface science and electrochemistry. The round icons on the right-hand side show, from top to bottom, a surface alloy (H. E. Hoster et al., p. 1505), an ordered oligopyridine adlayer (H. E. Hoster et al., p. 1513), a model of a bimetallic cluster, an electrode nanostructured with lithography methods, and a Ru(0001) surface covered by Pt islands (H. E. Hoster et al., p. 1518). The lower left corner of the picture is filled by a set of thermal desorption spectra recorded for oligopyridines on graphite.

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