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August 18, 2009

ChemPhysChem 12/2009: Increasing Resolution

ChemPhysChem 12/2009: Increasing ResolutionThis issue's Review by H. Ihee et al. is on time-resolved X-ray liquidography, which can directly probe the structural dynamics and spatiotemporal kinetics of the liquid phase with unprecedented resolution. Recent developments in this method, including technical innovations, theoretical analysis, and several examples ranging from simple molecules to protein solutions, are reviewed. K. Bhattacharyya highlights the rapid decoherence of intra-molecular electronic energy transfer in a conjugated polymer. A new technique in vibrational circular dichroism, heterodyned Fourier transform spectral interferometry, is highlighted by P. Bouř.

In the Communications section, P. Salvador et al. analyze the rotational barrier of ethane in terms of atomic and diatomic contributions of the energy, and S. Kuck et al. show that metallized Salen molecules on a Cu(111) can self-assemble to large and regular molecular networks under the influence of local electrostatic dipolar molecular fields (see picture). In an Article, J. M. Ribó et al. show that an enantioselective autocatalytic reaction coupled to the exergonic and fast formation of the heterochiral dimer may lead to a kinetically controlled spontaneous mirror symmetry breaking. Raman and infrared spectra of solutions in cryogenic solvents reveal the formation of halogen-bonded complexes of trifluoromethyl chloride, bromide, and iodide with dimethylether in an Article by B. J. van der Veken et al.

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