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March 31, 2010

ChemPhysChem 05/2010: Chemistry on the move

ChemPhysChem 05/2010: Chemistry on the moveAs usual, there's a lot of action in this issue of ChemPhysChem! In the Highlights section, G. U. Nienhaus describes the "wiggling and jiggling of atoms" leading to excited-state proton transfer in green fluorescent protein; J. A. Ripmeester and S. Alavi discuss new microsecond molecular dynamics simulations of methane hydrate formation; and F. Giesselmann and J. P. F. Lagerwall explain how the structure of the mysterious dark conglomerate phase was recently elucidated.

In a Concept by A. M. Ritcey and E. Borra, a unique magnetically deformable mirror is presented (see picture). The Review by E. K. H. Salje describes the fundamental physical and chemical properties of twin boundaries in ferroelastics and outlines some of the possible applications. In the Minireviews section, U. Gasser and co-workers discuss the melting of crystals in two dimensions while F. M. F. de Groot, B. M. Weckhuysen et al. give an overview of in situ scanning transmission X-ray microscopy. Finally, in two original papers, F. Höök and colleagues study the site-specific DNA-controlled fusion of single lipid vesicles to supported lipid bilayers and D. Markovitsi and co-workers describe high-energy long-lived excited states that are expected to play a key role in the DNA photoreactivity associated with the appearance of carcinogenic mutations.

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