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April 22, 2010

ChemPhysChem 06/2010: Special issue on Protein Cofactors

ChemPhysChem 06/2010: Special issue on Protein CofactorsProteins are key components in many biological processes, such as energy conversion, metabolism or transport. In many cases, these processes are intimately linked to non-proteic cofactors. Prominent examples of such cofactors are the heme and chlorophyll groups in haemoglobin and the photosynthetic proteins. In this special issue, the importance and properties of a number of protein cofactors are discussed. In a Review, N. Krauß and T. Lamparter explain the origin of light-induced conformational changes of the chromophore and the protein in phytochromes. The Minireviews section includes a contribution on the self-assembly of photosynthetic membranes (by K. Schulten and co-workers, see picture), a description of recent progress in the crystallographic studies of photosystem II (by W. Saenger, A. Zouni et al.), and a brief history of phytochromes (by J. C. Lagarias and N. C. Rockwell). The concept by N. Budisa and L. Moroder describes how synthetic amino acids can be used in protein folding and design. In the same section, M. Monkenbusch and colleagues show that a combination of neutron spin-echo spectroscopy with normal-mode analysis can be successfully applied to look into the molecular mechanics of proteins, allowing the measurement of internal domain motions.

In the Articles section, P. Hildebrandt, D. H. Murgida and colleagues present a combined experimental and computational study of the interfacial electron-transfer processes of cytochrome c bound to coated electrodes and P. Schmieder et al. describe the results of NMR investigations that provide insight into the conformational and chemical exchange processes taking place inside the binding pocket of phytochrome proteins. A general description of this interesting special issue is given by R. Bittl and P. Hildebrandt in the editorial.

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