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Editor: Greta Heydenrych; Editorial Board Chairs: Christian Amatore, Michael Grätzel, Michel Orrit

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June 13, 2010

World-leading scientists celebrate 10-year anniversary of ChemPhysChem

World-leading scientists celebrate 10-year anniversary of ChemPhysChem

May 21, 2010, was an exciting day for ChemPhysChem. World-leading scientists met in Paris to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the journal and its sister journal ChemBioChem. The one-day symposium "Frontiers of Chemistry" was a huge success, says Editor-in-Chief Peter Gölitz. The meeting included ten lectures by prominent scientists, among them four Nobel Laureates, as well as two poster sessions with about 100 contributions from 25 different countries. "We have heard many very positive words about the event, both from ordinary participants and from the Nobel Laureate speakers", Gölitz says. More than 600 people attended the symposium in Paris and several thousand followed it online over Wiley-VCH's new online service

Nobel Laureate Jean-Marie Lehn, one of the speakers at the symposium, was favorably impressed by the event: "A great symposium", he said, "highest quality, very dense, very well organized". The French scientist, who has seen the journal grow from its very first days, points out that ChemPhysChem has acquired high international standing over the years –and he hopes that this trend will continue: "Best wishes for further progress and success!", he says.

ChemPhysChem Editorial Advisory Board Member Christian Amatore agrees that the scientific quality of the symposium was outstanding: "I have been extremely impressed by this day", he says. Amatore believes that the meeting in Paris clearly shows that physical chemistry and biochemistry belong together: "All the speakers were of the highest standards and their talks, altogether, promoted the feeling that physical chemistry, hence ChemPhysChem which is one of its highest flagship journals, is really moving towards the biological world, hence ChemBioChem", he says. Amatore has worked at the borderline between physical chemistry and biochemistry for many years and has published both in ChemPhysChem and ChemBioChem depending on the central impact of his work. "It has been a pleasure to see that this view has permeated through the community, leading to such important contributions in which both aspects join with great synergism".

The talks in Paris covered topics ranging from energy and materials research to biotechnology and medicinal chemistry, and the list of speakers included Nobel laureates Gerhard Ertl (2007), Roger Tsien (2008), Ada Yonath (2009) and Jean-Marie Lehn (1987) as well as ChemPhysChem Board Members Michael Grätzel, known for the development of dye-sensitized solar cells, and Michel Orrit, an expert in the field of single-molecule research.

Kira Welter

Photo: Speakers, organizers and moderators of the symposium "Frontiers of Chemistry: From Molecules to Systems", which was held in Paris on May 21, 2010. Back row: Sir Alan Fersht, Dominique Langevin, James T. Hynes, Frans De Schryver, Eva Wille, Bruno Samori, Christian Amatore, Carine Giovannangeli, Jacques Fastrez. Middle row: Peter Gölitz, Karl-Heinz Altmann, Michel Orrit, Luisa De Cola, Nicolas Winssinger, Michael Grätzel, Edmond Amouyal, Michel Che. Front row: Roger Tsien, Jean-Marie Lehn, Gerhard Ertl, Ada Yonath (from left to right).

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