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July 23, 2010

ChemPhysChem 11/2010: Between order and disorder

ChemPhysChem 11/2010: Between order and disorderA technique called fluctuation transmission electron microscopy can help researchers analyze medium-range structural order in disordered materials, as explained in the Concept by J. R. Abelson and co-workers. In the Articles section, D. Sebastiani et al. study the local disorder in hydrogen storage compounds, particularly in lithium amide/imide, using experimental and theoretical methods. F. Gräter and colleagues explain how glycosylation of an unfolded protein chain can slow down the water dynamics, thereby enhancing the protein's hydrophobic collapse. The Highlight by T. Loerting and J. Bernard describes the recent real-time observation of the formation of aqueous carbonic acid. The Communications section includes contributions by M. Kosa, A. K. Cheetham et al., who carried out density functional theory calculations and single-crystal nanoindentation experiments to study the anisotropic mechanical behavior of a novel hybrid framework material, and by H. Tada and co-workers, who present a new surface-modifier-assisted photodeposition technique for directly depositing PbS quantum dots on mesoporous titanium dioxide nanocrystalline films (see picture).

Finally, in an interesting Review, S. Rühle, A. Zaban and M. Shalon describe the unique features of quantum-dot-sensitized solar cells, which are potential building blocks for high-efficiency next-generation photovoltaics. This issue also includes a Conference Report by K. Welter where you can find all the details and highlights of the 10-year anniversary symposium of ChemPhysChem in Paris.

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