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  1. Accelerated Communications

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      Distribution of single nucleotide variants on protein-protein interaction sites and its relation to minor allele frequency

      Hafumi Nishi, Junichi Nakata and Kengo Kinoshita

      Accepted manuscript online: 18 NOV 2015 06:44PM EST | DOI: 10.1002/pro.2845

  2. Commentary

    1. Recollection

      Ronald M. Levy

      Accepted manuscript online: 17 NOV 2015 06:24PM EST | DOI: 10.1002/pro.2844

  3. Full-Length Papers

    1. Distinct Encounter Complexes of PAI-1 with Plasminogen Activators and Vitronectin Revealed by Changes in the Conformation and Dynamics of the Reactive Center Loop

      Tihami Qureshi, Sumit Goswami, Carlee S. McClintock, Matthew T. Ramsey and Cynthia B. Peterson

      Accepted manuscript online: 9 NOV 2015 06:39AM EST | DOI: 10.1002/pro.2841

  4. Accelerated Communications

    1. Rational design of a monomeric and photostable far-red fluorescent protein for fluorescence imaging in vivo

      Dan Yu, Zhiqiang Dong, William Clay Gustafson, Rubén Ruiz-González, Luca Signor, Fanny Marzocca, Franck Borel, Matthew P. Klassen, Kalpana Makhijani, Antoine Royant, Yuh-Nung Jan, William A. Weiss, Su Guo and Xiaokun Shu

      Accepted manuscript online: 9 NOV 2015 06:38AM EST | DOI: 10.1002/pro.2843

  5. For the Record

    1. High-throughput identification of protein mutant stability computed from a double mutant fitness landscape

      Nicholas C. Wu, C. Anders Olson and Ren Sun

      Accepted manuscript online: 5 NOV 2015 05:54PM EST | DOI: 10.1002/pro.2840

  6. Full-Length Papers

    1. Comparison of native and non-native ubiquitin oligomers reveals analogous structures and reactivities

      Grace H. Pham, Ambar S.J.B. Rana, E. Nihal Korkmaz, Vivian H. Trang, Qiang Cui and Eric R. Strieter

      Accepted manuscript online: 27 OCT 2015 05:58PM EST | DOI: 10.1002/pro.2834

    2. Production of soluble and active microbial transglutaminase in Escherichia coli for site-specific antibody drug conjugation

      Mathias Rickert, Pavel Strop, Victor Lui, Jody Melton-Witt, Santiago Esteban Farias, Davide Foletti, David Shelton, Jaume Pons and Arvind Rajpal

      Accepted manuscript online: 20 OCT 2015 03:31AM EST | DOI: 10.1002/pro.2833

    3. 1,3-Propanediol binds inside the water-conducting pore of aquaporin 4: Does this efficacious inhibitor have sufficient potency?

      Lili Yu, Oscar D. Villarreal, L. Laurie Chen and Liao Y. Chen

      Accepted manuscript online: 20 OCT 2015 03:31AM EST | DOI: 10.1002/pro.2832

    4. Binding screen for cftr correctors finds new chemical matter and yields insights into cf therapeutic strategy

      Justin D. Hall, Hong Wang, Laura J. Byrnes, Suman Shanker, Kelong Wang, Ivan V. Efremov, P. Andrew Chong, Julie D. Forman-Kay and Ann E. Aulabaugh

      Accepted manuscript online: 7 OCT 2015 03:22AM EST | DOI: 10.1002/pro.2821

    5. Successful application of the DBLOC method to the hydroxylation of camphor by cytochrome p450

      Steven V. Jerome, Thomas F. Hughes and Richard A. Friesner

      Accepted manuscript online: 6 OCT 2015 10:06AM EST | DOI: 10.1002/pro.2819


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