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Virtual Issue: Membrane Proteins

Issue 2, November 2009: Learning About Proteins That Live in Membranes

Protein Science
began publishing in 1992, not long after we were treated to the first high-resolution membrane protein structure. The photosynthetic reaction center structure finally showed that membrane proteins could be investigated at the atomic level, which induced a ratcheting up of membrane protein work that continues to build steam. Protein Science has been a natural place for reporting these efforts and this virtual issue highlights the breadth of membrane protein subjects that have found a home in the journal.

Introduction to the virtual issue
James U. Bowie

Genome-wide analysis of integral membrane proteins from eubacterial, archaean, and eukaryotic organisms
Erik Wallin, Gunnar Von Heijne

Toward genomic identification of beta-barrel membrane proteins: composition and architecture of known structures
William C. Wimley

The progress of membrane protein structure determination
Stephen H. White

A limited universe of membrane protein families and folds
Amit Oberai, Yungok Ihm, Sanguk Kim, James U. Bowie

Structure of the membrane channel porin from Rhodopseudomonas blastica at 2.0 Å resolution
A. Kreusch, A. Neubüser, E. Schiltz, J. Weckesser, G.E. Schulz

Crystal structure of the antibiotic albomycin in complex with the outer membrane transporter FhuA
Andrew D. Ferguson, James W. Coulton, Kay Diederichs, Wolfram Welte, Volkmar Braun, Hans-Peter Fiedler

Structure and electrostatic property of cytoplasmic domain of ZntB transporter
Kemin Tan, Alicia Sather, Janice L. Robertson, Shiu Moy, Benoît Roux, Andrzej Joachimiak

Simultaneous assignment and structure determination of a membrane protein from NMR orientational restraints
Francesca M. Marassi, Stanley J. Opella

Rationalizing alpha-helical membrane protein crystallization
Simon Newstead, Sébastien Ferrandon, So Iwata

Best alpha-helical transmembrane protein topology predictions are achieved using hidden Markov models and evolutionary information
Håkan Viklund, Arne Elofsson

Experimentally based topology models for E. coli inner membrane proteins
Mikaela Rapp, David Drew, Daniel O. Daley, Johan Nilsson, Tiago Carvalho, Karin Melén, Jan-Willem De Gier, Gunnar Von Heijne

How do helix-helix interactions help determine the folds of membrane proteins? Perspectives from the study of homo-oligomeric helical bundles
William F. DeGrado, Holly Gratkowski, James D. Lear

Determination of membrane protein stability via thermodynamic coupling of folding to thiol-disulfide interchange
Lidia Cristian, James D. Lear, William F. DeGrado

Interaction and conformational dynamics of membrane-spanning protein helices
Dieter Langosch, Isaiah T. Arkin

An improved tripod amphiphile for membrane protein solubilization
Seungju M. Yu, D. Tyler McQuade, Mariah A. Quinn, Christian P.R. Hackenberger, Samuel H. Gellman, Mark P. Krebs, Arthur S. Polans

Self-assembly of single integral membrane proteins into soluble nanoscale phospholipid bilayers
Timothy H. Bayburt, Stephen G. Sligar

Engineering a G protein-coupled receptor for structural studies: stabilization of the BLT1 receptor ground state
Aimée Martin, Marjorie Damian, Michel Laguerre, Joseph Parello, Bernard Pucci, Laurence Serre, Sophie Mary, Jacky Marie, Jean-Louis Banères

Expression of human peripheral cannabinoid receptor for structural studies
Alexei A. Yeliseev, Karen K. Wong, Olivier Soubias, Klaus Gawrisch

Efficient production of membrane-integrated and detergent-soluble G protein-coupled receptors in Escherichia coli
A. James Link, Georgios Skretas, Eva-Maria Strauch, Nandini S. Chari, George Georgiou

Genetic selection system for improving recombinant membrane protein expression in E. coli
Elizabeth Massey-Gendel, Anni Zhao, Gabriella Boulting, Hye-Yeon Kim, Michael A. Balamotis, Len M. Seligman, Robert K. Nakamoto, James U. Bowie