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Edited By: Dr. Geert. Verheyden

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The Relationship of Lower Limb Muscle Strength and Knee Joint Hyperextension during the Stance Phase of Gait in Hemiparetic Stroke Patients
Allison Cooper, Ghalib Abdulllah Alghamdi, Mohammed Abdulrahman Alghamdi, Abdulrahman Altowaijri, Susan Richardson

xploring the Professional Values of Australian Physiotherapists
Alejandra Aguilar, Ieva Stupans, Sheila Scutter, Sharron King

Characterizing the Protocol for Early Modified Constraint-induced Movement Therapy in the EXPLICIT-Stroke Trial
Rinske Nijland, Erwin Wegen, Hanneke Krogt, Chantal Bakker, Floor Buma, Asbjørn Klomp, Joost Kordelaar, Gert Kwakkel

Flutter valve improves respiratory mechanics and sputum production in patients with bronchiectasis

Pedro H. S. Figueiredo, Walter A. Zin, Fernando S. Guimarães

Bobath Concept: Bobath@50: mid-life crisis — What of the future?
Margaret Mayston

Early, Intensified Home-based Exercise after Total Hip Replacement — A Pilot Study
Lone R. Mikkelsen, Søren S. Mikkelsen, Finn B. Christensen

Walking speed and peak plantar pressure distribution during barefoot walking in persons with diabetes

Mansoo Ko, Lynne Hughes, Harriet Lewis

The retest reliability of the six-minute walk test in patients referred to a cardiac rehabilitation programme
Lisa C. Hanson, Helen McBurney, Nicholas F. Taylor

Exercise Prescription Patterns in Patients Treated with Vestibular Rehabilitation After Concussion
Bara A. Alsalaheen, Susan L. Whitney, Anne Mucha, Laura O. Morris, Joseph M. Furman, Patrick J. Sparto

The Effect of Taping, Quadriceps Strengthening and Stretching Prescribed Separately or Combined on Patellofemoral Pain
Marjon Mason, Susan L. Keays, Peter A. Newcombe

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