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Edited By: Prof. John Caldwell and Prof. Nina D. Berova

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Forthcoming Events and Announcements

Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2016
Congratulations to Ben L. Feringa for winning the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his achievements in the design and synthesis of molecular machines! Dr. Feringa has been a long-time author and friend of Chirality. He has acted as a Guest Editor for the journal and was awarded the Chirality Medal in 2009 for his work with organic stereochemistry, including the development of molecular unidirectional rotary devices. We also congratulate Jean-Pierre Sauvage and Sir J. Fraser Stoddart for winning this prestigious award.

Proceedings of the Conference
Proceedings of Chirality 2016 will be published in a special issue of the journal Chirality. All presenters are encouraged to submit a manuscript via the journal’s online submission system. Please submit all manuscripts to be included in this special issue by November 15th 2016.

Brief summary of the Special Issue: The special issue will cover all aspects of chirality. Manuscripts submitted to this Special Issue should be related to the work presented at the conference.

Timeline of the special issue: Deadline for submissions is November 15th, 2016 and authors are encouraged to submit before this date. As soon as manuscripts are accepted, they will be brought into production and then published online. The tentative date for the publication of the issue/section on-line is spring 2017 if everything goes well on time in the editorial and review process.

Chirality Medal

The 28th International Chirality Symposium announces Prof. Andreas Pfaltz as the winner of the 2016 Chirality Medal

The Chirality Medal was instituted by the Societa Chimica Italiana In 1991 to honor internationally recognized scientists who have made a distinguished contribution to all aspects of chirality. It is awarded each year by a Chirality Medal Honor Committee comprising The Chirality International Committee members and the most recent recipients of the medal. Additional information about the award is available at

The 28th International Chirality Symposium is pleased to announce Prof. Andreas Pfaltz as the winner of the 2016 Chirality Medal. Prof. Pfaltz is currently a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Basel in Switzerland. Click here to read more about Prof. Pfaltz and his contributions to the scientific community.

CHIR Medal

The Chirality Medal has been previously awarded to the following scientists:

  • 1991 E. Gil-Av (Israel) and J. Jacques (France)
  • 1992 V. Prelog (Switzerland)
  • 1993 K. Mislow (USA)
  • 1994 W. Pirkle (USA)
  • 1995 K. Nakanishi (USA)
  • 1996 E. L. Eliel (USA)
  • 1997 R. Noyori (Japan)
  • 1998 H. Kagan (France)
  • 1999 V. Davankov (Russia)
  • 2000 K. B. Sharpless (USA)
  • 2001 Y. Okamoto (Japan)
  • 2002 D. Seebach (Switzerland)
  • 2003 D. W. Armstrong (USA)
  • 2004 V. Schurig (Germany)
  • 2005 K. Soai (Japan)
  • 2006 M. Lahav (Israel)
  • 2007 N. Berova (USA)
  • 2008 W. Lindner (Austria)
  • 2009 B. L. Feringa (The Netherlands)
  • 2010 K. Mori (Japan)
  • 2011 L. Barron (UK)
  • 2012 E. Jacobsen (USA)
  • 2013 E. Yashima (Japan)
  • 2014 M. Reetz (Germany)
  • 2015 C. Welch (USA)
  • 2016 A. Pfaltz (Switzerland)

Comprehensive Chiroptical Spectroscopy

Comprehensive Chiroptical Spectroscopy
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Comprehensive Chiroptical Spectroscopy (Volume 1)

Comprehensive Chiroptical Spectroscopy (Volume 1)

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Comprehensive Chiroptical Spectroscopy (Volume 2)