Environmental Quality Management

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Edited By: Carol J. Forrest

Online ISSN: 1520-6483

Editorial Board

E d i t o r
Carol J. Forrest

E x e c u t i v e   E d i t o r
Margaret Cummins

E d i t o r i a l   A d v i s o r y   B o a r d
Brad Allenby
Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ

Howard N. Apsan
University Director
Environmental, Health, Safety, and Risk Management
The City University of New York
New York, NY

Amitava Bandyopadhyay
Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Calcutta
Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Beth Beloff
Managing Director
BRIDGES to Sustainability
Houston, TX

Lynn L. Bergeson, Esq.
Bergeson & Campbell, P.C.
Washington, DC

Lawrence B. Cahill
Exton, PA

Ira Feldman
President and Senior Counsel
greentrack strategies
Bethesda, MD

Rachel M. Hopp, Esq.
Law Offices of Hopp & Associates, PLLC
Washington, DC

Lynn Johannson
E2 Management Corporation
Georgetown, ON, Canada

Richard MacLean
Richard MacLean & Associates, LLC
Prescott, AZ

Robert B. Pojasek
Exponent, Inc.
Maynard, MA

Peter A. Soyka
Soyka & Company, LLC
Vienna, VA

Richard P. Wells
The Lexington Group
Lexington, MA

Dr. Katy Wolf
Institute for Research and Technical Assistance
Los Angeles, CA

J o u r n a l   P r o d u c t i o n
John Wiley & Sons
Ross Horowitz
Environmental Quality Management