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Most Cited

These are the 10 most-cited articles in Geoarchaeology, published in 2013 to 2014, in rank order. The data are from Thomson ISI Web of Science®.

Reconstructing Phreatic Palaeogroundwater Levels in a Geoarchaeological Context: A Case Study in Flanders, Belgium
Zwertvaegher, Ann; Finke, Peter; De Reu, Jeroen; et al.

Multiproxy Analyses of Stratigraphy and Palaeoenvironment of the Late Palaeolithic Grabow Floodplain Site, Northern Germany
Tolksdorf, Johann Friedrich; Turner, Falko; Kaiser, Knut; et al.

The Importance of Chert in Central Anatolia: Lessons from the Neolithic Assemblage at Catalhoyuk, Turkey
Nazaroff, Adam Joseph; Baysal, Adnan; Ciftci, Yahya

Relative Sea-Level Changes During Roman Times in the Northwest Mediterranean: The 1st Century AD Fish Tank of Forum Julii, Frejus, France
Morhange, Christophe; Marriner, Nick; Excoffon, Pierre; et al.

Paleoindian Open-Air Sites in Tropical Settings: A Case Study in Formation Processes, Dating Methods, and Paleoenvironmental Models in Central Brazil
Araujo, Astolfo G. M.; Strauss, Andre M.; Feathers, James K.; et al.

Desert Pavement Disturbance and Artifact Taphonomy: A Case Study from the Eastern Libyan Plateau, Egypt
Adelsberger, Katherine A.; Smith, Jennifer R.; McPherron, Shannon P.; et al.

Early Farming in the Northern Boreal Zone: Reassessing the History of Land Use in Southeastern Finland through High-Resolution Pollen Analysis
Alenius, Teija; Mokkonen, Teemu; Lahelma, Antti

Building Mound A at Poverty Point, Louisiana: Monumental Public Architecture, Ritual Practice, and Implications for Hunter-Gatherer Complexity
Ortmann, Anthony L.; Kidder, Tristram R.

Compositional and Isotopic Analytical Methods in Archaeological Micromorphology
Mentzer, Susan M.; Quade, Jay

Renewed Geoarchaeological Investigations of Mwanganda's Village (Elephant Butchery Site), Karonga, Malawi
Wright, David K.; Thompson, Jessica; Mackay, Alex; et al.