Thunderbird International Business Review

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Edited By: Mary B. Teagarden

Online ISSN: 1520-6874

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Emerging markets firms venturing into advanced economies have received increasing attention from both academics and practitioners. Although existing research has examined various aspects of this important phenomenon, there is the need to unpack contextual factors and to explore how context can influence the business leader’s decision making and managerial practices amid the venturing abroad phenomenon by emerging market enterprises.

Context matters a great deal for international business research and practices, such as the multiple embeddeness of multinational enterprises and local contexts. Cultural difference has an important bearing for emerging market firms venturing abroad. However, such business practices might not be available in advanced economies which might become obstacles for emerging markets firms, or induce misunderstanding and confusion for Western managers. Emerging markets can vary on most significant dimensions—institutionally, economically, culturally, socially, technologically. Hence, there is the need to delineate and specify the contextual factors and boundary conditions with respect to emerging markets firms venturing into advanced economies.

Therefore, we seek thought-provoking research on contexts and emerging markets firms venturing into advanced economies, and welcome both empirical (qualitative as well as quantitative) and conceptual contributions. Especially, we hope to highlight the practical implications derived from rigorous scholarship, to inform practice and provide insights for business practitioners and/ or policy makers. It is of significant importance to nurture future business leaders with a global mindset and we suggest a better understanding of emerging market firms venturing into advanced economies can help business leaders as well.

This special issue aims to attract a variety of papers that can move the exciting research agenda further.

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