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Edited By: Andrew Moore

Online ISSN: 1521-1878

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Volume 37, Issue 2, February 2015

Seminal fluid: A new player for improving fertility. Highlighted article: On a matter of seminal importance (pages 142-147)

accessory sex glands, insect fertility, mammalian fertility, offspring health, reproduction, reproductive tract physiology, seminal proteins

Fighting or cooperating to ensure reproductive success? Highlighted article: Inclusive fitness and sexual conflict: How population structure can modulate the battle of the sexes (pages 155-166)

cooperation, kin selection, sexual conflict, sexual selection, social evolution, tragedy of the commons

The pros and cons of Alu sites in primate genomes. Highlighted article: Does RNA editing compensate for Alu invasion of the primate genome? (pages 175-181)

Alu repeat, dsRNA, primate evolution, RNA-editing

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Intimate parasites and a parental arms race: Did retroviruses drive placental evolution?

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