Angewandte Chemie

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Instructions for LATEX users

Initial Submission

The Wiley-VCH online submission system can handle PDF files, but not native LATEX files. Authors are strongly encoraged to use online submission through this system to speed the handling of manuscripts. Only a few guidelines are to be observed, you may lay out your document as you wish, but for easy reading by editors and referees.

  • Integrate tables and figures where they appear in the text.
  • Use dvips (for Postscript) or PDFTEX to prepare the file to be uploaded. Postscript is preferred so the PDF file can be prepared by the system according to house standards (resolution etc.).
  • To make your manuscript look a bit prettier on screen, use type 1 fonts with dvips (see FAQ at for details). Modern installations will have this by default.

Upon Acceptance

Upon acceptance, we ask you to prepare your manuscript and graphic files according to the guidelines outlined below. Basically, keep your file as simple as possible. It will not be used directly to typeset your manuscript but will be converted prior to editing and typesetting (latex2rtf).


  • Prepare your manuscript with all related files in a single directory. Refer to external files through a relative path rather than a full one.
  • Send all files related to your manuscript (including aux and bib file(s)) and a typeset version (PDF preferred) as a zip archive or compressed tarball.
  • Use a plain \cite command to create a reference. Do not superscript. Make sure references appear after any punctuation: as shown previously.\cite[myself2001]
  • Use either LATEX or BIBTEX to create the list of references.
  • Move figures and tables to the end of your source file (don't use the endfloat style).

Do not

  • Use RevTEX. It is designed for use in the APS production systems, not Wiley(-VCH).
  • Use document classes other than article.
  • Use packages other than to access symbols.
  • Define your own customized commands or environments.
  • \include figures (by any mechanism), they are dealt with seperately.

Thank you for following these guidelines and thereby helping us to process your manuscript faster.