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Zuschrift aus den Bell Laboratories teilweise fragwürdig

Die Redaktion erhielt folgende Stellungnahme:

We are writing as co-authors on the following manuscript published in this journal: T. Siegrist, C. Kloc, J. H. Schön, B. Batlogg, R. C. Haddon, S. Berg, G. A. Thomas, Angew. Chem. 2001, 113, 1782; Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2001, 40, 1732.

We wish to apprise the readers of the independent investigation conducted at the behest of the Bell Laboratories division of Lucent Technologies Inc. (see full report). The independent committee reviewed concerns related to the validity of data associated with device measurements described in a number of papers that have appeared in the literature.

As a result of the Committee’s findings related to the manuscripts they examined, we are concerned about aspects of the data associated with device measurements presented in the above mentioned Communication. The current–voltage data (SCLC spectroscopy) should be viewed with caution, as should conclusions that rely on those data. We do not have access to the original data and are not in a position to independently confirm the results.

We stand by the X-ray, crystal structure, and morphological results in this Communication; we are confident that they are valid and correct. Conclusions drawn from these results and from our earlier work on these and related compounds remain standing.

Bertram Batlogg, Steffen Berg, Christian Kloc, Gordon A. Thomas, Robert C. Haddon, Theo Siegrist

Eine ähnliche Stellungnahme ging betreffend ChemPhysChem 2001, 3, 167 ein.

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