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Editor: Haymo Ross, Deputy Editors: Anne Deveson, Elisabeth Roedern

Impact Factor: 5.317

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10th Anniversary Celebrations for Chemistry—A European Journal

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The idea for Chemistry—A European Journal was born out of discussions between Nobel laureate Jean-Marie Lehn, Heinrich Nöth, from the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (German Chemical Society, GDCh), and Peter Gölitz, from the VCH publishing house, at a conference in Munich in 1993; the first issue of the journal appeared in April 1995. The ambition of becoming a top quality journal that is European in spirit and international in appeal has been achieved; indeed Chemistry has become one of the fastest growing full-paper journals around and with an Impact Factor of 4.353 it has proven its high quality.

To mark the 10th anniversary of Chemistry—A European Journal, a one-day symposium entitled

ISIS buildingChemistry—A European Conference: Stimulating Concepts in Chemistry

was held on Friday April 15, 2005 at the

Institut de Science et d'Ingénierie Supramoléculaires (ISIS)
Université Louis Pasteur
8, allée Gaspard Monge
67083 Strasbourg


The exciting program, which highlights the diversity, internationality, and quality of the chemistry that has been published in the journal for the last 10 years, was put together following discussions with the Chairman of the Editorial Board, Professor Jan Bäckvall, and the Chairman of the Owner Societies, Professor Wolfram Koch.

The Symposium was co-organized by the 14 European Chemical Societies (EUChemSoc) that jointly own Chemistry—A European Journal, and Wiley-VCH.

9.00–10.00Registration and Coffee
10.00–10.30Opening Remarks

Professor J. Fraser Stoddart (University of California, Los Angeles, USA):

"A Decade of Matching Chemistry with Chemistry"


Professor Günter Schmid (Universität Essen, Germany):

"The Relevance of Size and Shape of Metal Nanoparticles"


Professor José Barluenga (Universidad de Oviedo, Spain):

"The Stimulating Role of Transition-Metal Carbene Complexes in the Organic Synthesis Scenario"


Professor Frans C. De Schryver (Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium):

"Dancing with Molecules"

15.20–15.40Coffee Break

Professor Steven V. Ley (University of Cambridge, UK):

"Development of New Tools and Methods for Organic Synthesis"


Professor George M. Whitesides (Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA)

"Reinventing Chemistry"

17.20–17.30Closing Remarks