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04/2000The cover picture shows the superimposition of a molecularly resolved scanning tunneling microscopic image from a self-organized adsorbed monolayer of a dialkylated α-quaterthiophene, of the underlying graphite lattice (gray), and of one plane in a three-dimensional bulk crystal determined by X-ray structure analysis (blue). Both in the two-dimensional monolayer and in the three-dimensional crystal, a lamella-type stacking of the conjugated oligothiophene backbones is observed due to optimal intermolecular interactions of the dodecyl side chains of adjacent molecules. The intriguing coincidence of the molecular arrangement of the conjugated oligomer both in the 2D adsorbate at the solid–liquid interface and inone plen of the three-dimensional bulk material clearly shows that if the molecule–substrate interactions are not too large, STM provides an excellent and rapid alternative for suggestive structure determinations of three-dimensional bulk materials. This work is described in more detail by P. Bäuerle et al. on p. 735ff.

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