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15/2000The cover picture shows an illustration of the crystal structure of Ce4[Si4O4N6]O (Ce: red, O: blue, N: green, Si: at the center of the dark green tetrahedra) with a specifically adopted periodic nodal surface (PNS). This infinite hyperbolically corrugated PNS divides the space into two independent sub-spaces. Topologically, there is no path from the gray to the yellow side of the surface. The hyperbolically corrugated layer structure of condensed Q3 type SiON3 tetrahedra in Ce4[Si4O4N6]O extends along the yellow side of the surface with the bonds Si−O piercing the PNS and the [Ce4O]10+ ions situated on the gray side of the surface. Here the application of a periodic nodal surface turns out to be an elegant way for the description of the first hyperbolical layer silicate structure. From a topological point of view the structure of Ce4[Si4O4N6]O is much more complex than the simple situation of an ideal single-layer silicate with an infinite number of parallel silicate sheets. This work is described in more detail by W. Schnick et al. on p. 2714 ff.

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