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19/2000The cover picture shows a molecular level abacus, based on a [2]rotaxane, driven by visible light. In solution illumination of the RuII complex (the Ru atom shown in green) located at one extremity of the dumbbell component causes an electron transfer process; this ultimately leads to the motion of the ring component (yellow) along the dumbbell from the primary to a secondary recognition site (the pink and purple space-filling models represent the PF$^{{-}}_{{6}}$ counterions). Although the photochemical mechanism employed requires the assistance of sacrificial reactants, an important step towards the construction of photodriven molecular machines has been made, and the goal of obtaining an artificial molecular motor powered exclusively by light seems not far off. This work is described in more detail by Balzani, Stoddart et al. on p. 3558 ff. The illustration was designed by Alberto Credi.

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