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22/2000The cover picture shows the cage formed by four molecules of the organometallic zwitterion [(C5H4COOH)2Co] (Co: green, O: red, C: orange, H: gray) held together by O−H···O (solid red) and C−H···O (blue-dashed) bonds and encapsulating a Cs+ cation (blue). The cage is obtained by treatment of an aqueous solution of [(C5H4COOH)2Co]+[PF6] with CsOH. Isostructural cages are obtained with KOH, RbOH, and ammonia. The cations are encapsulated through either M+···O interactions (in the cases of K, Rb, Cs) or N−H···O hydrogen bonds in the case of the NH4+ cation. The organization in the cage-salts demonstrates a remarkable capacity for the organometallic zwitterion to self-assemble around monovalent cations. The systems are described in more details by Braga et al. on p. 4227 ff.

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