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Editor: Peter Gölitz, Deputy Editors: Neville Compton, Haymo Ross

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Associated Title(s): Angewandte Chemie, Chemistry - A European Journal, Chemistry – An Asian Journal, ChemistryOpen, ChemPlusChem, Zeitschrift für Chemie

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Roland Winter

Roland Winter

“My favorite place on Earth is a good French brasserie. My not-so-secret passion is astrobiology ...” This and more about Roland Winter can be found on page 13374.

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.2016, 55, No. 43, 13374–13374.


Robert G. Bergman, Rick L. Danheiser
Reproducibility in Chemical Research

Reproducibility in Chemical Research

“… To what extent is reproducibility a significant issue in chemical research? How can problems involving irreproducibility be minimized? … Researchers should be aware of the dangers of unconscious investigator bias, all papers should provide adequate experimental detail, and Reviewers have a responsibility to carefully examine papers for adequacy of experimental detail and support for the conclusions …” Read more in the Editorial by Robert G. Bergman and Rick L. Danheiser.

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.2016, 55, No. 41, 12548–12549.

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The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2016 was awarded to J.-P. Sauvage, J. F. Stoddart and B. L. Feringa. Read more at

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October 21, 2016

Angewandte Chemie 44/2016: New Paradigms

Angewandte Chemie 44/2016: New ParadigmsIn this issue, L. Yuan et al. review the imaging of chemistry in individual organelles with fluorescent probes. How can small-molecule probes be targeted to elucidate functionality? In a Minireview, S. P. Marsden et al. evaluate new chemistry to drive molecular discovery. The Highlight deals with the mechanism of biological methane-forming reactions (S. Shima). In his Editorial, Peter Gölitz discusses the development of Angewandte Chemie and editorial policies regarding color cost and preprints.

In the Communications section, C. J. H. Porter et al. present glyceride-mimetic prodrugs that avoid first-pass metabolism and enhance oral bioavailability (see picture). P. A. Levkin et al. succeeded in UV-induced disulfide formation and reduction for photopatterning. M. D. Smith et al. present a counterion-directed approach to the Diels–Alder paradigm: a cascade synthesis of tricyclic fused cyclopropanes.

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Where Does Cisplatin Bind?

Identification of genome-wide cisplatin cross-linking sites with DNA base resolution

Where Does Cisplatin Bind? - Identification of genome-wide cisplatin cross-linking sites with DNA base resolution

Cisplatin is one of the most widely used agents in cancer chemotherapy. Its mode of action is cross-linking of the DNA, which can kill cells. But which part of the genome is more affected, and which is less affected? A Chinese team of scientists have now set up a universal, genome-wide assay system to detect the specific cisplatin action sites, In the journal Angewandte Chemie the scientists introduce their system and report initial results, which support the notion that the mitochondrial genome is one of cisplatin's main targets.

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