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Plastic-Protein Hybrid Materials
Enzymatic films for bioactive surfaces

Protein–Polymer Hybrid Amphiphiles

R. J. M. Nolte et al., Nijmegen (The Netherlands)

Molds made of Sugar Rings
Synthesis of porous Silica with help from cyclodextrin aggregates
From Cyclodextrin Assemblies to Porous Materials by Silica Templating

S. Polarz, Golm (Germany)

Artificial Enzymes
Researchers develop "framed" catalysts by copying natural enzymes
Artificial Enzymes Formed through Directed Assembly of Molecular Square Encapsulated Epoxidation Catalysts

Nguyen/Hupp, Evanston, IL (USA)

Clearing up the Haze
Researchers develop a strategy for studying organic atmospheric aerosols
An Analytical Approach for a Comprehensive Study of Organic Aerosols

W. Schrader et al., Mülheim/R. (Germany)

Battle of the Chronic Inflammations
Sugar derivative imitates peptide structure - a new starting material for pharmaceutical agents
Design, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation of α4β1 Integrin Antagonists Based on β-D-Mannose as Rigid Scaffold

H. Kessler et al., Munich, Germany

Keeping in Shape
A new method for the easy production of components made of iron silicide
The Unusual Formation of Iron Silicide by Reaction of Iron with SiCl4

M. Binnewies et al., Hannover

Evolution in a Flask
Optimization of enzymes through genetic selection
Investigating and Engineering Enzymes by Genetic Selection

D. Hilvert, Zurich

Peeking into Proteins' Pockets
Recognizing functional similarities between proteins by comparing their binding cavities
From Structure to Function: A New Approach to Detect Functional Similarity among Proteins Independent from Sequence and Fold Homology

G. Klebe et al., Marburg (Germany)

Writing with a Microscope
Using nanolithography to precisely arrange individual particles
Combinatorial Templates Generated by Dip-Pen Nanolithography for the Formation of Two-Dimensional Particle Arrays

C. A. Mirkin, Evanston, IL (USA)

Exotic Superconductors
Unusual silver-fluoride compounds are potential high-temperature superconductors
Real and Hypothetical Intermediate-Valence AgII/AgIII and AgII/AgI Fluoride Systems as Potential Superconductors

R. Hoffmann Cornell Univ. (USA)

Life-Saving Peptide Ring?
New hope for a malaria vaccine
Synthesis, Biological, and Immunological Properties of Cyclic Peptides from Plasmodium Falciparum Merozoite Surface Protein-1

M. Patarroyo, Bogotà

Molecular Data Processing
Computers of the future: molecules instead of circuits?
IR-UV Double-Resonance Photodissociation of Nitric Acid (HONO2) Viewed as Molecular Information Processing

R. D. Levine, Jerusalem

Coming Soon: Diagnosing Viruses with a Chip?
Israeli researchers have developed highly sensitive electronic detection of viral nucleic acids
Electronic Transduction of Polymerase or Reverse Transcriptase Induced Replication Processes on Surfaces: Highly Sensitive and Specific Detection of Viral Genomes

I. Willner, Jerusalem

Hot on the Trail of Explosives
A new chemosensor detects TNT in groundwater and seawater
Detection of TNT and Picric Acid on Surfaces and in Seawater by Using Photoluminescent Polysiloles

M. J. Sailor, W. C. Trogler, San Diego, CA

Laughing Gas in a Vicious Circle
Italian researchers discover
another mechanism for the formation
of atmospheric N2O
Ionization of O3 in Excess N2 : A New Route to N2O via Intermediate N2O3 Complexes

G. de Petris et al., Rome

A Twisted Boat fights Thrombosis
The unusual structure of one sugar unit
is crucial to the effectiveness of heparin in preventing thrombosis
Synthesis of Conformationally Locked Carbohydrates: A Skew-Boat Conformation of L-Iduronic Acid Governs the Antithrombotic Activity of Heparin

P. Sinaÿ et al., Paris

Molecular Surgery
Insertion of helium and hydrogen into an opened fullerene
Insertion of Helium and Molecular Hydrogen Through the Orifice of an Open Fullerene

Y. Rubin et al., Los Angeles

Solvents In Retreat
A new catalyst for selective solvent-free hydrogenation at low temperatures
Solvent-Free, Low-Temperature, Selective Hydrogenation of Polyenes using a Bimetallic Nanoparticle Ru-Sn Catalyst

J. M. Thomas et al., London (UK)

Reining in Energy Guzzlers
An ammonia catalyst for the next generation?
The Ammonia-Synthesis Catalyst of the Next Generation: Barium-Promoted Oxide-Supported Ruthenium

M. Muhler et al., Bochum (Germany)

Feeling up Cells
Locally resolved detection of cell signals with microelectrodes
Spatially Resolved Detection of Neurotransmitter Secretion from Individual Cells by Means of Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy

W. Schuhmann et al., Bochum (Germany)

04/2001Gallium Football
A Gallium cluster has an unusual structure
Synthesis and Structure of a Ga84 R204- Cluster-A Link between Metalloid Clusters and Fullerenes?

A. Schnepf and Hg. Schnöckel, Karlsruhe (Germany)

03/2001New Ways to Identify Viruses?
Mass spectrometry of intact viruses
Mass Spectrometry of an Intact Virus

G. Siuzdak et al., La Jolla, CA (USA)

02/2001Folding Proteins on a Computer
Proteins only function when properly folded
The Key to Solving the Protein-Folding Problem Lies in an Accurate Description of the Denatured State

W. van Gunsteren et al., Zürich (Switzerland)

01/2001Frequently Cited
For once a top scientific journal is not from the USA
Angewandte Chemie in Light of the Science Citation Index

W. Marx, Stuttgart (Germany)