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24/2002A Flare for Cancer
Hope for early detection: Fluorescing molecule exposes defects in anti-tumor gene

Detection of Individual p53-Antibodies by Using Quenched Peptide-Based Molecular Probes

Markus Sauer, Heidelberg (Germany)

23/2002Molds for Molecules
Molecular imprints in polymers as reaction vessels for pharmaceuticals research

Formation of a Class of Enzyme Inhibitors (Drugs),Including a Chiral Compound, by Using Imprinted Polymers or Biomolecules as Molecular-Scale Reaction Vessels

Klaus Mosbach, Lund (Sweden)

22/2002Better Help for Blood Poisoning?
A new approach for fighting endotoxic shock through active immunization with an endotoxin analogue

Active Immunization with a Glycolipid Transition State Analogue Protects against Endotoxic Shock

Kim Janda, La Jolla, CA (USA)

21/2002Nano Wheels with Antitumor Potential
Computer simulations predict wheel-shaped molecules with unusually bound carbon atoms

Planar Hypercoordinate Carbons Joined: Wheel-Shaped Molecules with C-C Axles

P. v. R. Schleyer, Athens, GA (USA)

20/2002Communication through Cellular Walls
Synthetic receptor system mimics transmission of biological signals

Transmembrane Signalling

Christopher A. Hunter, Sheffield (UK)

19/2002A Star Brings Hope
Star-Shaped Molecule As A Potential Weapon Against Cytostatics-Resistant Tumors

Using Molecular Symmetry to Form New Drugs: Hydroxymethyl-Substituted 3,9-Diazatetraasteranes as the First Class of Symmetric MDR Modulators

A. Hilgeroth, Halle (Germany)

18/2002A Probe for the Needle in a Haystack
Two new NMR screening methods to search for pharmaceutical agents in substance libraries


A Straightforward NMR-Spectroscopy-Based Method for Rapid Library Screening

Aloysius H. Siriwardena, Athens, GA (USA)

NMR Reporter Screening for the Detection of High-Affinity Ligands

Wolfgang Jahnke, Basel

17/2002Will Genetic Material Soon be Decoded more quickly?
Single-molecule sequencing: The foundation has been laid

A Further Step towards Single-Molecule Sequencing: Escherichia coli Exonuclease III Degrades DNA that is Fluorescently Labeled at Each Base Pair

Susanne Brakmann, Leipzig (Germany)

16/2002Spirelli and Tagliatelle in the Nano World
Oligopeptide–surfactant hybrids as building blocks for biologically active, nanostructured materials?

Supramolecular Organization of Oligopeptides, through Complexation with Surfactants

Markus Antonietti, Golm (Germany)

15/2002Into the Breach
Nanofissures, molecular stirrers, and relays: Components for artificial photosynthesis?

Irreversible Adsorption of Cellobiose, Ascorbic Acid, and Tyrosine to Hydrophobic Surfaces in Water and Their Separation by Molecular Stirring

J.-H. Fuhrhop, Berlin (Germany)

14/2002Blue, the Color of Kings and Gods
Prehistoric chemists' amazing achievements in the production of blue pigments

Chemistry in Ancient Times: The Development of Blue and Purple Pigments

H. Berke, Zurich (Switzerland)

13/2002New Building Blocks for Optronics/Photonics
Dye-filled zeolith minicrystals for the capture and storage of light energy

Trapping Energy from and Injecting Energy into Dye-Zeolite Nanoantennae

Gion Calzaferri, Bern (Switzerland)

12/2002Plastics with a Memory
Self-repairing fenders and intellig shape-memory polymers as materials of the future

Shape-Memory Polymers

Andreas Lendlein, Aachen (Germany)

11/2002Catalytic Onions
Layered carbon nanostructures as catalysts for the synthesis of styrene

The Catalytic Use of Onion-Like Carbon Materials for Styrene Synthesis by Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Ethylbenzene

Robert Schlögl, Berlin (Germany)

10/2002Spiral Semiconductor Nanowires
Supramolecular organic structures as templates for inorganic nanoobjects

Semiconductor Nanohelices Templated by Supramolecular Ribbons

Samuel I. Stupp, Evanston, IL (USA)

09/2002Bizarre Framework
Diatoms could point the way to the synthesis for highly ordered silicic acid structures

Mesophases of (Bio)Polymer-Silica Particles Inspire a Model for Silica Biomineralization in Diatoms

Engel G. Vrieling, Groningen (The Netherlands)

08/2002Emigrants, Followers, and Offenders
Chemists and Biochemists in the era of the National Socialists

Chemists and Biochemists during the National Socialist Era

Ute Deichmann, Cologne (Germany)

07/2002Perfect Nanorods
Formation of rod-shaped zinc oxide crystals by oriented attachment of spherical particles

Self-Assembly of ZnO: From Nanodots to Nanorods

H. Weller, Hamburg (Germany)

06/2002Enzyme Produces its Own Inhibitor
A new concept for drug research—researchers develop a new acetylcholine esterase inhibitor

Click Chemistry In Situ: Acetylcholinesterase as a Reaction Vessel for the Selective Assembly of a Femtomolar Inhibitor from an Array of Building Blocks

K. B. Sharpless and M. G. Finn, La Jolla, CA (USA)

05/2002Gentle Chemotherapy
Cytotoxin formed from a nontoxic precursor exclusively in tumors

Proof of Principle in the Selective Treatment of Cancer by Antibody-Directed Enzyme Prodrug Therapy: The Development of a Highly Potent Prodrug

L. Tietze, Göttingen (Germany)

04/2002Electric Nudge toward Self-organization
In search of materials with nonlinear optical properties

Nonrelaxable Anisotropic Organization of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials Induced by an Electric Field

R. Corriu, Montpellier (France)

Sick Beans lead to Nanotech
Plant viruses as chemically "programmable" building blocks for nanobiotechnology

Icosahedral Virus Particles as Addressable Nanoscale Building Blocks

M. G. Finn, John E. Johnson , La Jolla, CA (USA)

Coming Soon: Less Post-Operative Nausea?
Side-effect-free antagonist for muscle relaxants: Neutralization through encapsulation

A Novel Concept of Reversing Neuromuscular Block:Chemical Encapsulation of Rocuronium Bromide by a Cyclodextrin-Based Synthetic Host

M.-Q. Zhang, Scotland (UK)

Opto-electronic Components in Gel
Fixed colloids as matrices for structured materials: A new synthetic approach to photonic crystals?

Immobilized Highly Charged Colloidal Crystals: A New Route to Three-Dimensional Mesoscale Structured Materials

Rolf Hempelmann, Saarbrücken (Germany)