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Good News for Red-Wine Lovers
Possible antitumor substances in red wine are formed during ageing in oak barrels

DNA Topoisomerase Inhibitor Acutissimin A and Other Flavano-Ellagitannins in Red Wine

Stéphane Quideau, Univ. Bordeaux (France)


Twisted Hat
On the way to a tailored contrast agent for nuclear spin tomography

Towards the Rational Design of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Agents: Isolation of the Two Coordination Isomers of Lanthanide DOTA-Type Complexes

A. Dean Sherry, U Texas, Dallas (USA)


Chemistry Revives Tired Warriors
Restoration of Chinese terracotta army: color retention through electronbeam polymerization

The Restoration of the Largest Archaelogical Discovery—a Chemical Problem: Conservation of the Polychromy of the Chinese Terracotta Army in Lintong (10 MB)

Heinz Langhals, Univ. München (Germany)


Molecule Container
Microarrangement of tiny vesicles: attoliter-sized molecular containers

Self-Assembled Microarrays of Attoliter Molecular Vessels

D. Stamou, H. Vogel, EPF Lausanne (Switzerland)


Luminescent Crystals with a Shell
Green-emitting lanthanoid nanocrystals with a core-shell structure

Green-Emitting CePO4:Tb/LaPO4 Core-Shell Nanoparticles with 70 % Photoluminescence Quantum Yield

M. Haase, Univ. Hamburg (Germany)


Synthese à la surprise
Total synthesis of a phosphatase inhibitor reveals an unexpected selectivity profile: A new basis for drugs?

Total Synthesis and Reassessment of the Phosphatase-Inhibitory Activity of the Antitumor Agent TMC-69-6H

Herbert Waldmann, MPI Dortmund (Germany)


Displacement Competition
Search for drugs with the most modern techniques

Competitive Binding Assays Made Easy with a Native Marker and Mass Spectrometric Quantification

Klaus Theodor Wanner, Univ. München (Germany)


Two Flies with One Swatter
Injecting carbon dioxide to extract methane from methane hydrate deposits?

Recovering Methane from Solid Methane Hydrate with Carbon Dioxide

John A. Ripmeester, NRC Ottawa (Canada)


Breaking down pollutants with sunlight
Carbon-doped titanium dioxide as an effective photocatalyst

Daylight Photocatalysis by Carbon-Modified Titanium Dioxide

Horst Kisch, Univ. Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany)


Reknitting Molecules
Designed antitumor agent with a highly promising pharmacological profile

Design and Total Synthesis of a Superior Family of Epothilone Analogues, which Eliminate Xenograft Tumors to a Nonrelapsable State

Samuel J. Danishefsky, Columbia Univ., New York (USA)


Organic Magnet
Organic sulfur-nitrogen radical demonstrates ferromagnetism at low temperatures

A Thiazyl-Based Organic Ferromagnet

Jeremy M. Rawson, University of Cambridge (UK)


A Question of Wetting
Formation of self-supporting porous membranes and tiny ceramic rings

From Particle-Assisted Wetting to Thin Free-Standing Porous Membranes

Werner A. Goedel, Univ. Ulm / BASF (Germany)


Little gems
Large crystals, low temperature: efficient process for the production of synthetic diamonds

Growth of Large Diamond Crystals by Reduction of Magnesium Carbonate with Metallic Sodium

Qianwang Chen, Univ. of Science & Technology of China, Hefei (China)


Radical Interceptor
More effective than α-tocopherol (vitamin E): a new class of antioxidants

6-Amino-3-Pyridinols: Towards Diffusion-Controlled Chain-Breaking Antioxidants

Derek A. Pratt, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN (USA)


Nanotubes with a Sandwich
Hybrids of carbon nanotubes and ferrocene molecules as the basis for new solar cells?

Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube–Ferrocene Nanohybrids: Observing Intramolecular Electron Transfer in Functionalized SWNTs

Dirk M. Guldi, University of Notre Dame, Indiana (USA)


Hydrogen for Fuel Cells
A new process for the production of hydrogen with a low carbon monoxide content

Catalytic Reforming of Oxygenated Hydrocarbons for Hydrogen with Low Levels of Carbon Monoxide

James A. Dumesic, University of Wisconsin, Madison (USA)


Plastic Electronics on the Way
New organic semiconductors: the arrangement of their molecular building blocks determines whether they are n-type or p-type

Building Blocks for n-Type Organic Electronics: Regiochemically Modulated Inversion of Majority Carrier Sign in Perfluoroarene-Modified Polythiophene Conductors

Tobin J. Marks, Northwestern Univ. Evanston, IL (USA)


Poison as Medicine
Carbon monoxide releasing complexes as new pharmaceutical agents?

Templating of Silsesquioxane Cross-Linking Using Unimolecular Self-Organizing Polymers

Robert D. Miller, IBM San Jose, CA (USA)


Economical and Explosion-free
A new fuel-cell concept for the catalytic production of hydrogen peroxide

Direct and Continuous Production of Hydrogen Peroxide with 93% Selectivity Using a Fuel-Cell System

Ichiro Yamanaka, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)


Serine—the Origin of Life?
Stable serine clusters as the starting point for prebiotic reactions and homochiral life

Serine Octamer Reactions: Indicators of Prebiotic Relevance

R. Graham Cooks, Purdue University, Indiana (USA)


Tungsten Makes it Happen
Saving energy in one of the most important chemical processes

Solvent-Free Synthesis of Rechargeable Solid Oxygen Reservoirs for Clean Hydrogen Oxidation

Gadi Rothenberg, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands)


Artificial Mini-Hedgehog
Synthesis of star-shaped titanium dioxide/silicon dioxide shells—mimicking biomineralization of marine protozoa

Morphosynthesis of Star-Shaped Titania–Silica Shells

D. Volkmer, Univ. Bielefeld (Germany)


Fungi to Fight Asbestos
Bio-decontamination of asbestos-contaminated soils—fungi bind and deactivate asbestos fibers

Soil Fungal Hyphae Bind and Attack Asbestos Fibers

Bice Fubini, Univ. Torino (Italy)


A Blocker for the Cellular Shredder
New anti-tumor agent derived from marine bacteria

Salinosporamide A: A Highly Cytotoxic Proteasome Inhibitor from a Novel Microbial Source, a Marine Bacterium of the New Genus Salinospora

William Fenical, La Jolla, CA (USA)


Totally Structured
Mini-crystals as building blocks: highly structured materials through self-organized crystal growth

Hierarchical and Self-Similar Growth of Self- Assembled Crystals

Jun Liu, Albuquerque, NM (USA)


Euthanasia for Cells
A Molecule off the "drawing board" should restart the disrupted cell death program in tumors

Design and Application of an α-Helix-Mimetic Scaffold Based on an Oligoamide-Foldamer Strategy: Antagonism of the Bak BH3/Bcl-xL Complex

Andrew Hamilton, Yale University, New Haven, CT (USA)


Metamorphosis without Changing Shape
Progress toward rolled-up laptops and mass-produced chips; a new conducting plastic

Facile Solid-State Synthesis of Highly Conducting Poly(ethylenedioxythiophene)

Fred Wudl, Los Angeles, CA (USA)


Plastics with a Sense of Order
Liquid crystals as templates for the synthesis of ordered conducting polymers

Liquid Crystal Templating of Conducting Polymers

Samuel I. Stupp, Evanston, IL (USA)


Brilliant and Always Clean
Researchers imitate intensely colored self-cleaning butterfly wings: a new approach to coatings?

Structural Color and the Lotus Effect


O. Sato, Kanagawa (Japan)


Molecular Mousetraps
Amino acid detectors: new approaches to protein analysis?

Molecular Mousetraps: Gas-Phase Studies of the Covalent Coupling of Noncovalent Complexes Initiated by Reactive Carbenes Formed by Controlled Activation of Diazo Precursors

Jesse L. Beauchamp, Pasadena, CA (USA)


Built-in Self-Destruction
Controlled dissolution of layered films: a new route to targeted pharmaceutical release?

Time-Controlled Desorption of Ultrathin Polymer Films Triggered by Enzymatic Degradation


Mitsuru Akashi, Kagoshima (Japan)


Micro in 3-D
Simple synthesis of three-dimensional microstructures by time-delayed electrodeposition

Simple, Three-Dimensional Microfabrication of Electrodeposited Structures

Robert Langer, Cambridge, MA (USA)


Programmed Syntheses
DNA as a template for the synthesis of chemical compounds

Two Enabling Architectures for DNA-Templated Organic Synthesis

David R. Liu, Cambridge, MA (USA)


Ammonia for the Primordial Stew
Newly discovered nitrogen fixation reaction could have played a role in the emergence of life

A Possible Prebiotic Formation of Ammonia from Dinitrogen on Iron Sulfide Surfaces

Wolfgang Weigand, Univ. Jena (Germany)


Image or Mirror Image?
Determining the configuration of peloruside A, a potential new antitumor agent

Total Synthesis and Absolute Configuration of the Novel Microtubule-Stabilizing Agent Peloruside A

Jef K. De Brabander, Dallas, TX (USA)


Molecular Capsules
Polysiloxane nanoparticles with a core and shell can be filled with pigments

Dye Loading of Amphiphilic Poly(organosiloxane)Nanoparticles

Michael Maskos, University of Mainz (Germany)


A simple, robust coating process for the production of liquid crystal displays

Noncontact Liquid-Crystal Alignment by Supramolecular Amplification of Nanogrooves

Roeland J. M. Nolte, University of Nijmegen (The Netherlands)


Sticking Molecules Together
Researchers use a scanning probe microscope to link two individual dendritic polymer molecules

Covalent Connection of Two Individual Polymer Chains on a Surface: An Elementary Step towards Molecular Nanoconstructions

Jürgen P. Rabe, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Germany)


Nanodiamonds in Oil
Researchers isolate cyclohexamantane, a large, diamondlike molecule, from petroleum

Isolation and Structural Proof of the Large Diamond Molecule, Cyclohexamantane (C26H30)

High-res figures (7 MB)

Jeremy E. P. Dahl, Richmond, CA (USA)


Insulated Nanowires
A new composite material: electrically conducting polypyrrole nanofibers in a silicate matrix

Template Synthesis of Polypyrrole Nanofibers Insulated within One-Dimensional Silicate Channels: Hexagonal versus Lamellar for Recombination of Polarons into Bipolarons

Takuzo Aida, Univ. of Tokyo (Japan)


Fungi as microscopic builders
Controlled assembly of highly ordered structures of gold nanoparticles along growing fungal hyphae

Living Templates for the Hierarchical Assembly of Gold Nanoparticles

High-res figures

Chad A. Mirkin, Evanston, IL (USA)


New Hope for a Malaria Vaccine
Imitation malaria protein on viruslike particles induces immune system to produce antibodies

A Virosome-Mimotope Approach to Synthetic Vaccine Design and Optimization: Synthesis, Conformation, and Immune Recognition of a Potential Malaria-Vaccine Candidate

J. A. Robinson, Univ. Zürich (Switzerland)


Gelling Agent for Catalysis?
New prospects for catalysis: a low-molecular organometallic gelling compound

A Metal–Carbene Carbohydrate Amphiphile as a Low-Molecular-Mass Organometallic Gelator

Karl Heinz Dötz, Univ. Bonn (Germany)


Self-healing Micro-spine
Mechanical structures made of tiny beads spontaneously heal after breaking

Self-Healing Systems Having a Design Stimulated by the Vertebrate Spine

Picture (TIF 1.1 MB)

George M. Whitesides, Harvard University (USA)


New Hope for Protein Deposits?
Researchers develop a new potential agent against amyloidoses caused by misfolding of transthyretin

Benzoxazoles as Transthyretin Amyloid Fibril Inhibitors: Synthesis, Evaluation, and Mechanism of Action

Jeffrey W. Kelly, La Jolla, CA (USA)


Microbes as an Energy Source
A new generation of microbial fuel cells demonstrates amazingly high current density

A Generation of Microbial Fuel Cells with Current Outputs Boosted by More Than One Order of Magnitude

Uwe Schröder, Univ. Greifswald (Germany)


Light-driven Propeller
Japanese researchers set the theoretical groundwork for molecular motors that are powered by light

Chiral Molecular Motors Driven by a Nonhelical Laser Pulse

Yuichi Fujimura, Tohoku Univ. (Japan)


Fishing for Flu
New starting point for the diagnosis of influenza

Tethered Neuraminidase Inhibitors That Bind Influenza Virus: A First Step Towards a Diagnostic Method for Influenza

Keith G. Watson, Biota Holdings, Melbourne (Australia)


Dye Nanorods
Highly ordered dye aggregates through stepwise organization

Highly Ordered Merocyanine Dye Assemblies by Supramolecular Polymerization and Hierarchical Self-Organization

Frank Würthner, Univ. Würzburg (Germany)