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Cover Picture: Highly Efficient Dynamic Kinetic Resolution of Azlactones by Urea-Based Bifunctional Organocatalysts (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 5/2005)

44_05/2005Ureas have come a long way from Wöhler's preparation of urea from ammonium cyanate in 1828 to the chiral ureas that play an important role in asymmetric organocatalysis today. In their Communication on page 807 ff. Berkessel et al. report the use of bifunctional urea-based organocatalysts for the highly enantioselective dynamic kinetic resolution of azlactones. The cover picture shows the hydrogen-bonded supramolecular aggregate formed from the urea catalyst and an azlactone substrate (graphic: K. Etzenbach-Effers).

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