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Cover Picture: Calix[4]pyrrole: An Old yet New Ion-Pair Receptor (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 17/2005)

44_17/2005Ion-pair complexation properties of the calix[4]pyrroles could open up a new chapter in their chemistry, with potential applications in salt extraction and crystal engineering. In their Communication on page 2537 ff., B. A. Moyer, J. L. Sessler, P. A. Gale, and co-workers examine the binding properties of this macrocycle, which was first synthesized almost 120 years ago and continues to provide surprises. The cover picture shows various representations of the calix[4]pyrrole unit binding with large diffuse cations, such as the cesium and imidazolium ions, and various halide and oxo-anions.

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Push-pull substituted conjugated oligomers have special optical and electronic properties. H. Meier describes in his Review on page 2482 ff. the strategies for the synthesis and the linear and nonlinear optical properties of these compounds.

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The luminescence of lanthanide (Ln) cations is sensitized through bidentate coordination with tropolonate ligands. The structures of several such complexes with various Ln ions are discussed in the Communication by S. Petoud and co-workers on page 2508 ff.

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A trinuclear EuIII helix with six chiral bipyridine-carboxylate ligands self-assembles with complete diastereoselectivity (Eu=green, O=red, N=blue). In their Communication on page 2527 ff., O. Mamula and co-workers discuss the chiroptical properties of this complex.