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Cover Picture: Patterning through Controlled Submolecular Motion: Rotaxane-Based Switches and Logic Gates that Function in Solution and Polymer Films (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 20/2005)

44_20/2005Molecular shuttles describe rotaxanes in which a key feature of the tertiary structure, the relative positions of the interlocked components, can be changed in response to an external input such as a solvent. The cover picture shows such an assembly as well as fluorescent patterns generated by stimuli-induced submolecular motion of the assembly in polymer films. For more details see the Communication by D. A. Leigh et al. on page 3062 ff. (The image of the space-shuttle launch was captured from the game SimCity 4: Rush Hour.)

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Also of Interest

Metathesis Catalystsfor001

The Minireview by T. J. Katz on page 3010 ff. deals with metathesis catalysts: How do carbene complexes of metals in low oxidation states compare with the commonly used high-oxidation-state analogues?

Pauson–Khand Reactionfor002

Recent advances in the intermolecular Pauson–Khand reaction point the way to an increasingly more general and versatile reaction, as detailed by S. E. Gibson and N. Mainolfi in the Review on page 3022 ff.


A surprising kind of C–C coupling occurs when a Ti/Zr metallocene complex is treated with acid. G. A. Koutsantonis et al present the details of this process in their Communication on page 3038.