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Cover Picture: Linking Rings through Diamines and Clusters: Exploring Synthetic Methods for Making Magnetic Quantum Gates (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 40/2005)

44_40/2005Linked paramagnetic cage complexes could potentially be used as quantum gates for quantum information processing. The cover picture shows such a supramolecular assembly, which consists of two heterometallic octagons (paramagnetic {Cr7Ni} cages) linked through a metal dimer. The white arrow represents the light input that switches the interaction between the two halves of the quantum gate. For more details see the Communication by M. Affronte, G. A. Timco, R. E. P. Winpenny et al. on page 6496 ff.

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Also of Interest

Heterogeneous catalysisfor001

In their Review on page 6456 ff. J. M. Thomas et al. describe heterogeneous catalysts with isolated catalytic centers (single-site catalysts). The main focus is on strategically modified mesoporous and microporous structures.

Molecular Switchesfor002

A thermally induced, two-step spin crossover in a cyanide-bridged molecular square is described in the Communication by H. Oshio and co-workers on page 6484 ff. Such molecules are suitable building blocks for multistepped molecular switches.

Host–Guest Systemsfor003

The polarizable molecular system consisting of H2O and CH3OH in a porous crystal of [Mn3(HCOO)6] is changed into a nonpolarized one by lowering the temperature, as described by H. Kobayashi et al. in their Communication on page 6508 ff.