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Cover Picture: A Phthalocyanine Clathrate of Cubic Symmetry Containing Interconnected Solvent-Filled Voids of Nanometer Dimensions (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 46/2005)

44_46/2005A clathrate formed from a zinc phthalocyanine has an unusual crystal structure with exceptionally large solvent-filled voids (>8 nm3). The “fold-up cube” in the cover picture shows how six phthalocyanine molecules assemble to form each nanovoid. Solvent molecules, including water, can be exchanged between the voids, while the metal centers embedded in each face offer the potential for catalysis. For more details, see the Communication by N. B. McKeown and co-workers on page 7546 ff.

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Catalytic Mechanismsfor001

The deciding step in some rhodium- and palladium-catalyzed reactions is a 1,4-migration of the metal center. In their Minireview on page 7512 ff., S. Ma and Z. Gu present several examples of this phenomenon.

Atmospheric Aerosolsfor002

Aerosols are of central importance for the chemistry and physics of the atmosphere, but they also affect the climate and can trigger diseases. In his Review on page 7520 ff., U. Pöschl describes some of the properties and interactions of atmospheric aerosols.

Metal Boron Carbide Phasesfor003

DFT calculations have been applied to solve the “coloring problem” in MB2C2 phases. For further details, see the Communication by X. Rocquefelte, J.-Y. Saillard, J.-F. Halet, et al. on page 7542 ff.