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Cover Picture: Addressing the Metal Centers of [2×2] CoII4 Grid-Type Complexes by STM/STS (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 48/2005)

44_48/2005“I find in the square ... specific settings, divisible areas, number structures, possibilities of time, measure and rhythm as well as the essential form of color which can be placed in the square to interplay with number forms.” This statement by Alfred Jensen (his painting “The River Diagram” is shown in the cover picture) might also hold for research on molecular squares. In their Communication on page 7896 ff., M. Ruben, J.-M. Lehn, and P. Müller et al. describe the spectroscopic dissecting of a single molecular square into regions of different electronic properties by STM/STS techniques.

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Modern techniques for the detection of single-nucleotide polymorphisms combine the amplification step with the actual analysis in a closed vessel. This one-pot operation is discussed by A. Marx and M. Strerath in their Minireview on page 7842 ff.

Nanoparticle Catalystsfor002

The use of catalytic metal nanoparticles has developed into a multidisciplinary theme linking materials science and organic synthesis. The recent advances are presented by D. Astruc et al. in their Review on page 7852 ff.

Binary Actinide Azidesfor003

In their Communication on pp. 7874 ff, M.-J. Crawford and co-workers describe the synthesis and structure of the first homoleptic azide of an actinide. The [U(N3)7]3− ion, which was characterized as the (Bu4N)3[U(N3)7] salt, is the first structurally characterized heptaazide.