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45_02/2006Cover Picture: Applications of Transition-Metal Catalysts to Textile and Wood-Pulp Bleaching (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2/2006)

Bleaching catalysts accelerate the removal of a variety of unwanted chromophores present in stains or wood pulp. The cover picture shows the structures of lignin residues from wood pulp and of lycopene which is found in tomato stains. Peroxo–metal and oxo–metal species are proposed as intermediates in the various catalytic cycles. In their Review on page 206 ff. R. Hage and A. Lienke show that a large variety of transition-metal complexes enhance the activity of H2O2 or O2 towards stain or wood-pulp bleaching.

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A bioanalytical NMR spectroscopic method allows the coordination of small molecules to DNA to be investigated and differences in bonding to be determined. L. Gomez-Paloma and co-workers describe this approach in their Communication on p. 224 ff.

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The marine alkaloids sceptrin and ageliferin are prepared by an enantioselective total synthesis. The synthetic pathway, which does not require any auxiliaries, is described by P. S. Baran et al. in their Communication on p. 249 ff.

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Hydrophobic and electrostatic interactions stabilize the host–guest complex of a peptide in an organometallic bowl. M. Fujita and co-workers explain in their Communication on p. 241 ff. why the complexed peptide retains its α-helical conformation.