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45_05/2006Cover Picture: Self-Organizing β-Sheet Lipopeptide Monolayers as Template for the Mineralization of CaCO3 (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 5/2006)

Disclosing the secret of biomineralization can lead to the construction of novel organic–inorganic hybrid materials with unique properties. N. A. J. M. Sommerdijk and A. Kros describe in their Communication on page 739 ff. the importance of the adaptability of self-organized β-sheet lipopeptide monolayers that act as templates for the developing inorganic phase of calcite. (Cover illustration by Hugo Simões shows a lipopeptide and purple “blocks” of calcite.)

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Polymer-based materials for chemical and biological sensors are being intensively researched by combinatorial methods. In the Review on page 702 ff., R. A. Potyrailo describes the status of these techniques, development trends, and remaining knowledge gaps.

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An artificial polymer prepared from bisnorbornene monomers with a rigid ferrocene bridge forms DNA-like structures. In their Communication on page 727 ff., T.-Y. Luh and co-workers report the synthesis, characterization, and modeling studies of this polymer.


In the Communication on page 766 ff, V. A. Soloshonok reports that enantiomers with a trifluoromethyl group at a stereogenic carbon center are prone to self-disproportionation on achiral silica gel columns. Thus, the stereochemical outcome of all asymmetric reactions of fluorine-containing compounds should be reevaluated.