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45_10/2006Cover Picture: A Supramolecular Bundling Approach toward the Alignment of Conjugated Polymers (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 10/2006)

Synthetic bundling molecules organize conjugated polymers into aligned supramolecular assemblies in an approach inspired by actin-filament bundling proteins. In their Communication on page 1548 ff., M. Takeuchi, S. Shinkai, and co-workers describe how the use of these “aligner molecules” complements existing techniques in supramolecular assembly and provides a new means of generating complex and programmed assemblies of conjugated polymers with defined arrangements, as shown in the cover picture.

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Orbital measurementsfor001

For a long time, it has been possible to reconstruct orbital functions from measured data and now even a femtosecond timescale can be used. In the Review on page 1508 ff., E. Schwarz asks whether complex orbitals can really be measured.

Hydrogen Bonding in Catalysisfor002

Can the use of hydrogen-bond donors be transferred to synthetic systems for general acid catalysis? E. N. Jacobsen and M. S. Taylor search for analogies to an important enzyme mechanism in the Review on page 1520 ff.


D. T. McQuade et al. describe in their Communication on page 1544 ff. how a monodisperse flow in a microreactor provides an efficient method for keeping solid products away from the channel walls, thereby enabling solids to be synthesized without clogging of the reactor channels.