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45_17/2006Cover Picture: Flattened Cone 2,8,14,20-Tetrakis(l-valinamido)[4]resorcinarene: An Enantioselective Allosteric Receptor in the Gas Phase (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 17/2006)

Protein allosterism is the basis for the molecular control of fundamental processes in living systems, but despite its importance, basic questions on the mechanisms involved remain unanswered. A gas-phase approach to the problem is described by M. Speranza et al. in their Communication on page 2717 ff., in which they report the highly enantioselective, 2-aminobutane-induced loss of d- and l-tryptophan from the achiral hydrophobic rim of a chiral resorcin[4]arene.

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Ring-Closing Metathesisfor001

Ring-closing metathesis is often used as a key step in the construction of heterocyclic and carbocyclic arenes. An overview is provided by T. J. Donohoe et al. in their Minireview on page 2664 ff.

One-Dimensional Nanostructuresfor002

Recent advances in the template synthesis of multisegmented one-dimensional nanorods and nanowires as well as applications of these multicomponent nanomaterials are discussed in detail in the Review by C. A. Mirkin et al. on p. 2672 ff.


In their Communication on page 2694 ff., C.-M. Che et al. report a ruthenium(ii) complex with π-conjugated hydrocarbon chains and chelating pyridyl groups that serves as a metalloligand for metal ions. The complex with {Ru(acac)2} gives rise to an intense near-IR absorption.