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45_24/2006Cover Picture: Kinetically Controlled Ligation for the Convergent Chemical Synthesis of Proteins (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 24/2006)

Convergent chemical ligation enables the more efficient total synthesis of protein molecules. S. B. H. Kent and co-workers describe in their Communication on page 3985 ff. how the two halves of the target peptide chain can be synthesized by kinetically controlled chemical ligation of unprotected peptide segments. A final native chemical ligation step then gives the full-length polypeptide chain, which folds with high efficiency to give the synthetic protein molecule. (The artwork for the coverpicture was prepared by David Boerema.)

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The Review by M. M. Haley and C. W. Landorf on page 3914 ff. concerns metallabenzenes. Structural and NMR spectroscopic properties are as much a focus as the reactivity of metallabenzenes and the mechanisms of their syntheses.

Chemoenzymatic Synthesisfor002

Sialic acid exists in 50 structurally distinct forms in naturally occurring structures. X. Chen et al. describe in their Communication on page 3938 ff. how sialosides with natural and non-natural sialic acid forms have been prepared.

cis–trans Isomerizationfor003

In their Communication on page 3996 ff., L.-J. Wan et al. describe how thermal annealing transforms the molecular symmetry of an adlayer from lamellar to hexagonal which causes a trans-to-cis isomerization of the molecules within the adlayer.