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45_28/2006Cover Picture: A Conjugated Polycarbazole Ring around a Porphyrin (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 28/2006)

Like the rings of Saturn a fully conjugated cyclododeca-2,7-carbazole surrounds a porphyrin template. The macrocycle can be released from the template. The cover shows a single-molecule STM measurement with the structure of cyclododeca-2,7-carbazole in the foreground. The tunneling current is dominated by the conjugated cyclic structure and shows an “electronic hole” in the center. For further details on these molecules and their self-assembly into columnar stacks see the Communication by K. Müllen et al. on page 4685 ff.

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Transcription Factorsfor001

Small-molecule ligands that can modulate gene transcription by interacting with different sites on multiprotein complexes and thereby exerting different functions have been described by H.-D. Arndt in his Minireview on page 4552 ff.


Modern bioanalytical techniques based on fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) are discussed by I. L. Medintz and co-workers in their Review on page 4562 ff. Particular emphasis is given to novel donor and acceptor materials and the combination of different classes of materials.

Supramolecular Chemistryfor003

In their Communication on page 4590 ff., L. G. Marinescu and M. Bols show that at neutral pH and ambient temperature, hydrogen peroxide and benzyl alcohols meet in the active site of a cyclodextrin-derived ketone and react up to 60 000 times faster than they do outside the cyclodextrin.