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45_33/2006Cover Picture: Toward the Total Synthesis of Spirastrellolide A. Part 1: Strategic Considerations and Preparation of the Southern Domain / Toward the Total Synthesis of Spirastrellolide A. Part 2: Conquest of the Northern Hemisphere (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 33/2006)

The antimitotic natural product spirastrellolide A is a complicated structure that shows impressive biological effects. Many key issues remain unresolved for this compound, for example its relative and absolute configurations and its biological mode of action. In two Communications on pages 5506 and 5510 ff., Fürstner and co-workers describe the synthesis of all four fragments of spirastrellolide A—initial strides in answering these questions. (Image of cell undergoing mitosis: Conley Rieder.)

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Microscopic Machinesfor001

Microparticles can move autonomously if they fulfill certain requirements. In their Minireview on page 5420 ff., A. Sen and co-workers discuss the principles of transducing chemical into mechanical energy on the micrometer scale.

Organofluorine Compoundsfor002

The biological properties of organic compounds can be fine-tuned by the incorporation of fluorine. But at what point in the synthesis should the fluorine be added? The answers are found in the Review by M. Schlosser on page 5432 ff.

Cluster Compoundsfor003

A giant bismuth oxido cluster containing 38 Bi atoms was formed in coordinating solvents. The synthesis and characterization of this cluster, the largest known of its type, are described by E. V. Dikarev et al. in their Communication on p. 5448 ff.