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45_45/2006Cover Picture: Azumamides A–E: Histone Deacetylase Inhibitory Cyclic Tetrapeptides from the Marine Sponge Mycale izuensis / Total Synthesis of Azumamides A and E Z602047 Z602033 (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 45/2006)

Inhibitory activity against histone deacetylase is displayed by the newly discovered natural products azumamides A–E, isolated from the marine sponge Mycale izuensis, shown in the background of the cover picture. The total synthesis of azumamides A and E is reported and has allowed the stereochemical structure of the azumamides to be established. For more information on these natural products, see the Communications by N. Fusetani and co-workers and by I. Izzo, F. De Riccardis et al. on pages 7553 ff. and 7557 ff., respectively.

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Cinchona Organocatalystsfor001

In their Minireview on page 7496 ff., H. Hiemstra and co-workers describe the scope and mode of action of cupreines and cupreidines, a new class of bifunctional organocatalysts, which are accessible from natural cinchona alkaloids through cleavage of the C6' methoxy group.

Aldol Reactionsfor002

Modern variations of the aldol reaction for natural products synthesis are summarized in the Review by R. Mahrwald and B. Schetter on page 7506 ff. Reactions with metal enolates as well as metal-catalyzed, organocatalytic, and biocatalytic methods are highlighted.


In their Communication on page 7526 ff., G. N. Tew and co-workers report the self-assembly of a triangular macrocycle based on ortho-phenylene ethynylene into vesicles—the first such example from a discotic liquid-crystalline molecule.