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45_47/2006Cover Picture: Total Synthesis and Antitumor Activity of ZK-EPO: The First Fully Synthetic Epothilone in Clinical Development (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 47/2006)

Nature is a brilliant architect for the design of compounds with interesting biological functions. Epothilone B (top), a metabolite of myxobacteria (fruiting body in background), served as the lead structure for the development of an anticancer drug candidate. Optimization efforts led to ZK-EPO (bottom) as a candidate for clinical development. ZK-EPO has an improved therapeutic window and is not recognized by multidrug-resistance efflux pumps. Its total synthesis starting from simple compounds (blue) is described by U. Klar et al. on page 7942 ff.

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Anion Coordinationfor001

Crystallographic data are used to categorize the coordination modes of anions with amide-based ligands according to coordination number and geometry. This classification is explained by K. Bowman-James and co-workers in the Minireview on page 7882 ff.

Gold Catalysisfor002

Gold is equally effective as a heterogeneous and a homogeneous catalyst. An account of the chemistry of gold catalysis, with particular emphasis on redox reactions and nucleophilic additions, is found in the Review by A. S. K. Hashmi and G. J. Hutchings on page 7896 ff.

Chiral Microporous Materialsfor003

In their Communication on page 7938 ff., J. Rocha et al. describe the discrimination of enantiomeric domains in microporous lanthanide silicates with unpolarized light and in the absence of external fields. This phenomenon could be important in the interaction of light with condensed matter.