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46_04/2007Cover Picture: Total Synthesis of Paliurine F (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 4/2007)

The sedative paliurine F, which was isolated from the roots of Paliurus ramossisimus, is part of a huge family of natural products that display interesting biological effects and possess an especially appealing and challenging macrocyclic structure. In their Communication on page 572 ff., G. Evano and co-workers describe the synthesis of one of these cyclopeptide alkaloids, paliurine F, using a route that showcases the recent advances in copper(I)-mediated coupling reactions.

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Reductions with Copper Hydridefor001

In their Minireview on page 498 ff., M. Oestreich and S. Rendler describe enantioselective 1,2- and 1,4-reductions catalyzed by copper hydride complexes. These homogeneous or heterogeneous reactions hold promise as versatile synthetic methods.

Photomechanical Effectsfor002

In their Review on page 506 ff., T. Ikeda et al. describe advances in the area of soft materials that can convert light into mechanical energy and are thus suitable for the construction of artificial muscles.

Proton-Transfer Cascadefor003

A transcis isomerization of the chromophore in the protein asFP595 triggers a proton-transfer cascade between the chromophore and adjacent amino acids as is shown by H. Grubmüller et al. in their Communication on page 530 ff.