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46_05/2007Cover Picture: Acid Initiation of Ammonia–Borane Dehydrogenation for Hydrogen Storage (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 5/2007)

Hydrogen meets the world's need for a carbon-neutral and particulate-free vehicular fuel, but its low density hampers on-board storage capacity. In their Communication on page 746 ff., R. T. Baker, D. A. Dixon, and co-workers present a strategy for hydrogen storage using ammonia–borane (H3NBH3), which has a hydrogen capacity of 19.6 wt %—exceeding that of gasoline. They report the mechanism of acid-initiated dehydropolymerization of H3NBH3 as elucidated through experimental and computational methods.

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In the Review on page 668 ff., C. Felser et al. discuss materials for spintronics, a research field at the interface of physics, chemistry, and engineering. Stable half-metallic ferromagnets with high Curie temperatures are sought for devices making use of the electron spin.

Surface Chemistryfor002

The adsorbate NO2 induces a massively cooperative restructuring of an Au{111} surface and nanocluster formation. In their Communication on page 700 ff. D. A. King and co-workers analyze this process.

Conducting Polymersfor003

A soluble, electron-rich polymer with a regiosymmetric structure displays strong thermochromism in solution. The synthesis and properties of this new species are reported by J. R. Reynolds and co-workers in their Communication on page 714 ff.