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46_06/2007Cover Picture: Efficient Iron/Copper Co-Catalyzed Arylation of Nitrogen Nucleophiles (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 6/2007)

C-N bond formation is important in numerous syntheses throughout the chemical, pharmaceutical, and materials industries. In their Communication on page 934 ff., M. Taillefer et al. describe an example of cooperative bimetallic catalysis with Fe and Cu that allows C-N coupling between nitrogen nucleophiles and aryl halides (see cover picture). The commercial availability, low cost, experimental simplicity, and environmental friendliness of the system are factors that favor its adaptation for industrial application.

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Sonogashira Couplingfor001

Alkynes can be coupled to aryl or vinyl halides in a homogeneous or heterogeneous phase. The Review by H. Doucet and J.-C. Hierso on page 834 ff. compares the palladium catalyst systems used in these reactions.

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Transition-metal cations and oxo anions are selectively electrochemically detected by click metallodendrimers containing triazolylferrocenyl units as described by D. Astruc and co-workers in their Communication on page 872 ff.

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In their Communication on page 973 ff., C. C. Cummins and co-workers report a one-pot process for replacing the terminal nitride ligand of a tungsten complex by a phosphide group and describe the functionalization of the resultant tungsten phosphide complex.